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OfferBee is currently buying homes in the following service areas:

  • Atlanta MSA
  • Charlotte MSA
  • Winston-Salem
  • Greensboro
  • Only single-family residential homes
  • Homes built after 1975
  • Homes have 3-4 bedrooms
  • Homes with a value between $100,000 - $300,000 (depending upon market)
  • Homes on lot sizes of no greater than one acre
  • Homes size between 1000 sqft to 3000 sqft
  • Single-family rental properties with or without existing tenants
  • Homes outside of our service areas
  • Homes that are not single-family residential homes
  • Homes where the seller does not have clear ownership (no double escrow)
  • Homes that have significant foundation, structural or other condition issues
  • Homes that have HOA more than $500/year
  • Homes that have rental restrictions
  • Homes that have below ground swimming pools
  • Lots size more than 1 acre
Yes. Even though you don’t need an agent to sell your home to OfferBee, if you’re already working with an agent or your home is currently listed, we will work with your agent directly. But you will need to pay your agent fee. Simply have your agent submit your request for an offer on your behalf or submit your home with your agent’s information and we’ll take it from there.

Improvements (or renovations) to your home are an important factor in how we determine the value of your home and our purchase offer, so it is important you tell us about them in your offer request. Photos of your improvements also help; you can upload them when making an offer request or send them via email to [email protected]; please make sure that you include your home’s address in your email.

Yes! Our offers are not computer generated or based solely upon our powerful algorithm. Our team of real estate experts evaluates every property carefully and photos help them to have a more accurate understanding of your home’s condition, features and overall value.

Yes, photos are usually optional. However, there are some cases where photos are required. Reasons we might require photos can include age of home, lack of comparable properties, or because we don’t feel that we can get a true idea of the value your home without photos. If we determine that photos are required, you’ll receive an email from our team.

OfferBee typically provides you with an offer within 24-hours after you submit your request. However, if you don’t initially submit photos, we’ll wait 24-hours to finish our offer and give you more time to send us photos. If you are unable to upload or send photos, simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will move forward without them.

Yes. Home values will often change based upon market activity, competition and other factors. Our offers will usually expire in four days from the date of the offer. However, OfferBee is happy to provide you with an updated offer

With OfferBee, we can close in as few as 14 days. If you prefer more time, our team can accommodate a closing date as long as 90 days.

OfferBee provides our customers with the convenience of signing documents electronically with the leading electronic signature providers, DocuSign.

You can learn about the specific technologies by visiting https://www.docusign.com/how-it-works/security

OfferBee does not collect or store any sensitive information. The security of your information throughout the entire process is part of our promise of a better experience with OfferBee. For more information, please view our privacy policy.

OfferBee does not sell or share your information.


Your home is carefully evaluated by us. Using our knowledge, combined with OfferBee’s proprietary evaluation and predictive market analysis technologies, OfferBee is able to provide you with data-driven and competitive offers.

Sellers are responsible for certain closing costs—just like any traditional sale. These fees may include title insurance, escrow fees, HOA transfers fees, taxes, document transfers and other customary fees. These fees differ based on market and can range from 1% to 3% of purchase price. The OfferBee team is always willing to help you work with the title company or attorney’s office handling the transaction to get an estimate of your net proceeds.

OfferBee charges an average service fee 4%. OfferBee allows you to skip the hassles of listing your home.

Selling to OfferBee is a competitive alternative to costs typically associated with listing your home on the traditional market. Our average service fee is typically 4%, as compared with the 6% most sellers will pay in commissions to list their home with an agent. View our comparison of a sale to OfferBee compared to a traditional listing.

Accepting our offer

You officially accept our offer by signing the purchase agreement. Once OfferBee, you (and any other sellers) sign the agreement, we are officially under contract.

OfferBee makes it easy to sign your documents online using the electronic signature provider, DocuSign 

We provide the options for seller to close from 14 days to 90 days.

About the inspection

Yes. OfferBee will perform a free, on-site inspection of your home within 7 days of the signed agreement. The purpose the appointment is to verify the specifications of your home, its condition, and identify repairs that will need to be addressed prior to close.

Either an OfferBee team member or licensed property inspector (or both) will perform the inspection. If specialists are needed, we will partner with licensed contractors to provide additional insight and expertise and work with you to coordinate the scheduling of all property inspections.

OfferBee will need access to your entire home during our inspection. When your inspection is scheduled, we will provide you with a guide that will help you prepare for the inspection and provide you with an overview of the most common items we evaluate during the inspection process.

If our inspection reveals needed repairs, you’ll have the following options:

  • Provide OfferBee with a credit. Due to our volume and in-house resources, we’re able to keep required repair credits to a low and reasonable price point. To move forward with this option, you would sign an addendum to the contract. This solution means no money out of pocket, or work done by you. This is the most popular option by our sellers.
  • Make the repairs before closing. You can hire a licensed contractor to make all the required repairs before closing. OfferBee will provide you a list of required repairs, and it would be up to you to ensure all items are completed to current building codes. OfferBee will need proof of the work being completed, contractor name and license number, before and after pictures, receipts, and visible approval by OfferBee during the final walk-through.
  • Decline to make any requested repairs or issue a credit. OfferBee can then choose to cancel the contract or may determine that it still wants to move forward with the purchase of the home. If OfferBee elects to cancel the contract, there is no penalty to either party. Keep in mind, these repairs will most likely have to be addressed regardless if you sell to us or try to sell traditionally. A traditional buyer will typically want these same issues fixed (or credited) before they agree to purchase your home.

In some circumstances, the repairs required on a home may be significant and require substantial funds to complete or special expertise to manage. In these cases, rather than add unnecessary stress to our customers, we will offer the option of a credit only.

OfferBee typically performs our final walk-through of the home after you’ve moved out of your home. The walk-through is to confirm that all personal property has been removed and that the home’s condition hasn’t changed since we went under contract. For closing to occur as scheduled, it is critical that the property be clear of personal belongings and trash. Additionally, the property must transfer to OfferBee in the same condition as it was when we entered into contract, including landscaping and pool maintenance. If you elected to perform repairs through a licensed contractor, then the OfferBee representative will confirm that the repairs have been made. This is a short appointment and should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete; if you can’t attend the final walk-through, that’s no problem.

About Closing

We can close as soon as 14 days.

We are happy to work with you with a closing date up to 90 days from your signed contract date. As your closing date approaches, if you need the date adjusted, please let your Closing Consultant know and we will send you an addendum to your purchase contract. If you find that you need a closing date beyond 90 days, we may be able to work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Title service: Investors Title Insurance Company

Closing service: Wessels & Gerber, P.C.

Yes, we can adjust your closing date at any point throughout the selling process. You have up to 90 days to close on the sale of your home to OfferBee and we are able to adjust this date within this period to your schedule.

OfferBee hopes to relieve much of the stress associated with selling and moving. 

We offer $200 moving credit to help you move smoothly. However, the home must be clear of all personal belongings and trash at least 24 hours prior to closing.

The title company or attorney office handling the transaction will send the final payoff payment to your lender, the remaining funds (less closing costs) will be wired to your bank account.

The title company or attorney’s office handling the transaction will schedule a convenient time for you to sign the closing documents. Typically, the closing takes place at the title company or attorney’s office although you may also request a mobile notary come to you. The date this happens is called the closing date or close of escrow. On your closing date, the sale is recorded on public record and the funds are distributed. The timing of this varies depending upon the state you live in and the time of day you sign your documents.

About Moving

The home must be clear of all personal belongings and trash at least 24 hours prior to closing. Additionally, the property must transfer to OfferBee in the same condition as it was when we entered into contract, including landscaping and pool maintenance. OfferBee will verify the condition of the home prior to closing. If the house is not clear of personal belongings and/or trash or the property is not in the same condition as when we went under contract, your closing may be delayed.

Washer and Dryer

We offer $200 moving credit to help you move smoothly.

You will need to leave any built-in appliances, keys, remotes and any other items that belong with the home. Built-in appliances include, but are not limited to: your dishwasher, built-in microwave, stove, oven, cooktops, ice machines, trash compactors, water softeners, built-in refrigerators, R/O systems, window treatments, central vacuum and hoses, garage door openers and remotes, pool equipment, built-in BBQs, built-in fire pits, ceiling fans and light fixtures, pool fencing, pool cleaning systems, exterior landscape lighting, and built-in speakers.