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Sell your home fast!
Transparent Pricing, no hidden fees.

Request an offer on your home

You will sell your home directly to us. Saving time and cost to sell.
We can close as soon as 14 days.

Comparing selling options

Selling to OfferBee

Get a cash offer within 24 hours and no need to keep a
spotless, show-ready house

Skip showing and repairs

Close as quickly as in 14 days

A support team will help me through the selling process

Service fee


Repair cost requested by C-Star


Closing cost


Traditional offer

Frequent showings with strangers in your home

May take several days to get offers after showings

Potentially spending thousands to make your home market-ready and salable

Commission fee


Market-ready improvements


Overlap ownership costs


Closing cost


OfferBee charges no more than 4.5% service fee to the seller, transparent and no other hidden cost.

Common Pricing Questions

Your home is carefully evaluated by us. Using our knowledge, combined with OfferBee’s proprietary evaluation and predictive market analysis technologies, OfferBee is able to provide you with data-driven and competitive offers.

Sellers are responsible for certain closing costs—just like any traditional sale. These fees may include title insurance, escrow fees, HOA transfers fees, taxes, document transfers and other customary fees. These fees differ based on market and can range from 1% to 3% of purchase price. The OfferBee team is always willing to help you work with the title company or attorney’s office handling the transaction to get an estimate of your net proceeds.

OfferBee charges an average service fee 4%. OfferBee allows you to skip the hassles of listing your home.

Request an offer on your home