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How it Works

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How OfferBee works

We work hard to provide you the quickest way to sell your home

We’re all about quick.

One of the quickest ways to sell your home is direct to us. We
recommend you start by providing us with a few details about your
home and requesting your free, no-obligation offer.

We work fast.

After receiving your request, we will evaluate your home and present our cash offer with 24 hours.

We send someone to inspect the house.

We will send the inspector to check your home and provide you a
final offer.

If our cash offer works for you, awesome!

You’ll go on to enjoy great benefits of selling directly to us without showings.

What type of properties
does OfferBee purchase?

We only purchase single-family
residential homes

How about the home-
built year?

We purchase homes built after

How about the home

We purchase home with a value
between $100,000 - $300,000
(depending upon markets)

We can close as soon as 14 days.

Get started with OfferBee today